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Our AmethystPlanet website features Lumari's workshops, Gatherings and events. Our focus is Lumari's Alawashka Gatherings, Shollamaya Healing Training and Mastery Training groups. You may register online for the events at this site. This year will will also be adding online live meditations. You can find Lumari's complete schedule on this site. We also include online shopping on Amethyst Planet, featuring Lumari's books, music, Divine Jewelry and more. focuses on private consultations and readings. Lumari is a psychic, life coach, spiritual teacher and channel. Her private consultations and energy work help invdividuals have more concentrated experiences and help each person move to the next levels in their life. Lumari provides many different kinds of consultations from psychic and spiritual readings, readings of the Akashic Records, Vibrational energy alignments and Alawashka Soul Song readings.This site also includes online written mediations and chants.
You are HERE. Blue Star Network focuses on our products, Divine Jewelry, Lumari's books and CD, Peter Bried's music and all of our other metaphysical products and Sacred Geometry. We created this site primarily for our Wholesale Clients who wish a more experdient shopping experience. We will take retail orders from customers on this site as well. So if you are a wholesale customer and want one special piece for your private collection, you can certainly order one here.

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