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ALAWASHKA GATHERINGS in Sacred Santa Fe, New Mexico
Live Your Soul's Purpose. Expand Your Connection with the Divine.
Participate with the clear energies of creation. Join Lumari, Teacher, Consultant and Author of the book “Alawashka,” as she reveals the hidden energies and sacred teachings of creation, manifestation and spiritual freedom. In this three-day workshop, Lumari will help you experience a profound relationship with joy, healing and spiritual communion that will illuminate your life. Exeperience the
teachings and frequencies that helps us to shift into the New Illuminated Paradigm.

2011 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Online.

Learn the new millenium Healing Frequencies and Technniques

The Shollamaya Frequency is a completely new vibrational system and a healing resonance that focuses specific energies of Alawashka to bring higher levels of healing, alignment and personal balancing and attunement. Through these special and unique vibrational energies that Lumari and Alawashka bring in, you will be personally attuned & trained to those frequencies for your personal healing and enlightenment and for Shollamaya Sacred Healer certification.

This is a full year's course, meeting 3 times,with pre-requisite of attendance at 2 previous Alawashka Gatherings. Please contact us for information about the next Trainings in 2012 - filled for 2009.

Generate Planetary and Personal Healing and Renewal.
Advanced Shollamaya Mastery Training is an ongoing advanced energy and training group where we work with global healing, weather patterns, cultural healing and so much more! Through the Shollamaya frequencies, patterns of illumination and healing, we are able to heal and clear many deep and underlying energies that keep individuals and our world out-of-balance.

We are in the process of creating a meditation conference room. We will iinclude that information and the meditation schedule when it is completed.
For more information, our AmethystPlanet website features Lumari's workshops, Gatherings and events. Our focus is Lumari's Alawashka Gatherings, Shollamaya Healing Training and Mastery Training groups. You may register online for the events at this site. This year will will also be adding online live meditations. You can find Lumari's complete schedule on this site. We also include online shopping on Amethyst Planet, featuring Lumari's books, music, Divine Jewelry and more.

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