Blue Star Network - treasures for Transformation, Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment Blue Star Network: Jewelry, Books, Music & Art that Awaken, Illuminate, Inspire, Uplift, Delight and Enlighten
Spiritual, Metaphysical, Healing and Sacred Gemstone Necklaces Spiritual, Metaphysical, New Age, Healing and Sacred Books and Music Spiritual, Metaphysical, Healing, Cleansing Blessing Sprays and Active Sacred Geometry and Visionary Art
Enlightenment for the Mind, Body, & Spirit – read about the Akashic Records; Alawashka, the Original Language of Creation.
Listen to Emerge Dancing and Universal Suite: songs and music that bring spiritual joy and healing.
Blue Star Network offers metaphysical, spiritual and new age books and music that will inspire and enlighten you.
Awaken your spirit, access your life purpose, expand your consiousness. Spiritual & metaphysical books - Akashic Records and Alawashka.
Meditation and Healing Music - Universal Suite . . . Meditate, Chant, Dance, the Sacred Music and Songs of Creation - Emerge Dancing.
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Learn about the Akashic Records from the beings who hold the wisdom of the ages Alawashka- the Original Language and Vibrational source of Creation carries the frequencies of our evolution into higher consciousness. Emerge Dancing-hear the Soul's Journey in  Songs in the language of creation Universal Suite - Healing, Meditation and Relaxation Music